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Other than work marked as 'sold', images are available as originals. High quality prints  of all images can be obtained. For more details and prices, please contact the artist.







All the Fun of the Fair               oil on canvas 100x100cms   2013        SOLD



 Hear no, See no, Say no Evil    oil on canvas 50x100cms 2010


 Merry-Go-Round                        oil on canvas 91x61cms 2013

(After Gertler)




 The Lord of Misrule                   oil on canvas 76x60cms    2013



 Playing the Game                           charcoal on paper 118x120cms 2012



Promenade                                      oil on canvas 102x71cms 2009


Ship of Fools                                   oil on canvas 90x90cms    2010   SOLD    


 Hear no, See no, Say no Evil (study)            oil on linen canvas 50x50cms    2010


 Ship of Fools (study)                        oil on canvas 50x50cms 2009       SOLD


  Windy Day                                    oil on linen canvas 60x30cms    2011   SOLD



 Land of Cockaigne                           charcoal and carbon on paper 55x70cms    2010

(after Breughal)


Land of Cockaigne                         oil on canvas 60x76cms    2010

(after Breughal)


Cain and Abel                                 oil on canvas 50x40cms    2011       SOLD


Storm in a Tea Cup             oil on canvas        2018  


 Monday Morning                            oil on linen canvas 40x40cms  2009    SOLD



 Beached                                           oil on canvas 50x40cms    2011


'Whoops !'                                         oil on linen 30x30cms canvas    2010


 Siren                                             oil on canvas 50x40cms 2009          SOLD


Presence                                             oil on canvas 35x25cms 2009


 Check Mate                                    charcoal and carbon on paper    2009


Check Mate II                                 mixed media on paper 147x72cms    2009


 I May be Late home Dear               oil on canvas 100x50cms    2009


Helter Skelter                                  charcoal on paper 144x103cms    2007


Helter Skelter II                              charcoal, carbon, graphite on paper 2009    SOLD




Three Musketeers                                oil on canvas  100x120cms    2017 


Boat Trip                                             oil on canvas 100x150cms     2016

(see also 'Projects' page for more details)








The Red Baron                             oil on canvas 80x80cms 2011              SOLD



Phalanx                                   oil on canvas     100x150 cms      2014     SOLD

see also 'Projects' page for more details




Fit for Purpose ?                              oil on canvas 60x120cms    2013        




 Today, Tomorrow and the Day After      oil on canvas 61x76cms   2013



 Lucky Dip                                       oil on canvas 45x61cms      2013


Bargain Hunters     oil on canvas 50x100 cms 2017 


 Derby Day                                        oil on canvas 60x25cms    2011




 Derby Match                                oil on canvas 80x60cms       2013


Last Man Standing                          oil on canvas 90x60cms   2014 



 Alpha Squadron                              oil on canvas 50x105cms    2013



Rush Hour                                         oil on canvas 80x30cms       2014   SOLD



 Master of the Universe                    oil on canvas 40x30cms 2013            SOLD



 Epic                                                  oil on canvas 30x60cms       2013



 Epic II                                               oil on canvas  61x122cms     2013



 Game-changer                                 oil on canvas 50x50cms    2013



 High Flyers                                   oil on canvas 20x50cms    2014


Unfamiliar Ground                        oil on canvas 15x15cms    2015     SOLD


Pushing the Envelope                    oil on canvas  20x50cms    2017


Showboating                                    oil on canvas      15x20cms                    2015 


Man and Machine                                oil on canvas 30x30cms   2016


In the Machine                                       oil on canvas  50x40cms   2016 


Playtime       oil on canvas   25x35cms  2017 





 Nostalgia                                          oil on canvas 20x20cms    2013



 Relic                                              oil on canvas 25x20cms       2013        SOLD


 Relic II                                          oil on canvas 20x20 cms   2014      SOLD


 Relic III                                          oil on canvas 15x15 cms   2014       SOLD



 Relic IV                                       oil on canvas    61x52cms   2014


                                                          Relic V                                            oil on canvas  48x38cms        2015


                                                                                                                                              Fragment I                                       oil on canvas 30x25cms        2013


Fragment II                                       oil on canvas 15x20cms      2015 



  Crowned                                          oil on canvas 25x35cms 2012          SOLD



 Hubris                                                oil on canvas 20x20cms    2012             SOLD


Going for a Ride    oil on canvas   40x50cms   2018  SOLD 




 Hero                                                    oil on canvas 20x25cms    2011



 Nice Work                                          oil on canvas 20x25cms    2011




 King for a Day                                    oil on linen canvas 30x30cms 2011



  To be a King                                          oil on canvas 20x20cms 2009



 To be a King II                                     oil on canvas      SOLD



 Happy Birthday                                 oil on canvas 35x25cms 2009 SOLD




 O Happy Days!                                    oil on canvas 13x18cms   2012





 Oedipal Prophet/Profit                     oil on linen canvas 30x30cms    2009



Guston's Chestnut (or homage to Philip Guston)oil on canvas 25x25cms 2009   SOLD


 Under Pressure                                 charcoal on paper 42x30cms    2009