Fairground Series

This series combines magical realism with social satire and commentary. Set by the coast, fun fairs, lighthouses, beached icons of consumerism, armies of men in suits; serve as characters and backdrops for a very contemporary farce. There is a sense of a garden of earthly delights gone wrong, a bonfire of the vanities; as lost, often surreal figures, grotesques, at once trapped in their own conceit and social manner strut across apocalyptic amusement parks. ‘Alpha’ males launch themselves in flying dodgem cars in vain attempts at transcendance. Kerrison was brought up in Glasgow and the influence of the dystopic writing in Alistair Gray’s ‘Lanark’ and the artists of Scottish painters of the 1980’s such as Peter Howson is clear. With titles like ‘Crunch Time’ an attempt at some critique of the current economic situation is clear. Within this ambivalent critique of capital, the ghosts of memory resonate through Kafkaesque landscapes of 20th century nightmares and male angst, refracted through a comic-book eye.

All the Fun of the Fair               

oil on canvas 100x100cms   2013        SOLD

Hear no, See no, Say no Evil    

oil on canvas 50x100cms 2010


oil on canvas 91x61cms 2013

Ship of Fools         

oil on canvas 90x90cms    2010   SOLD

The Lord of Misrule

oil on canvas 76x60cms    2013


oil on canvas 102x71cms 2009

Ship of Fools (study)                        

oil on canvas 50x50cms 2009       SOLD

Helter Skelter                                 

 charcoal on paper 144x103cms    2007

Crunch Time                             

charcoal, carbon, graphite on paper 2009    SOLD

Under Pressure                                

charcoal on paper 42x30cms    2009

Under Pressure I                                 

charcoal on paper 42x30cms    2009

Windy Day                                    

oil on linen canvas 60x30cms    2011   SOLD

Land of Cockaigne                           

charcoal and carbon on paper 55x70cms    2010

(after Breughal)

Land of Cockaigne                        

 oil on canvas 60x76cms    2010

Cain and Abel                                 

oil on canvas 50x40cms    2011       SOLD

Storm in a Tea Cup            

oil on canvas        2018  


oil on canvas   25x35cms  2017 

In the Machine                                       

oil on canvas  50x40cms   2016

Monday Morning                            

oil on linen canvas 40x40cms  2009    SOLD


oil on canvas 50x40cms 2009          SOLD


oil on canvas 35x25cms 2009

I May be Late home Dear               

oil on canvas 100x50cms    2009


oil on canvas 50x40cms    2011

Whoops !

oil on linen 30x30cms canvas    2010

Check Mate                                    

charcoal and carbon pencil on paper    2009

Check Mate II                                 

mixed media on paper 147x72cms    2009


oil on canvas 90x 61cms 2021

Three Musketeers                                

oil on canvas  100x120cms    2017

The Red Baron                            

oil on canvas 80x80cms 2011              SOLD


oil on canvas 20x25cms    2011

Fit for Purpose ?                              

oil on canvas 60x120cms    2013        

Today, Tomorrow and the Day After      

oil on canvas 61x76cms   2013

Lucky Dip                                       

oil on canvas 45x61cms      2013

Bargain Hunters     

oil on canvas 50×100 cms 2017 

Derby Day                                        

oil on canvas 60x25cms    2011

Derby Match                                

oil on canvas 80x60cms       2013

Last Man Standing                         

oil on canvas 90x60cms   2014 

Alpha Squadron                              

oil on canvas 50x105cms    2013

Rush Hour                                        

oil on canvas 80x30cms       2014   SOLD

Going for a Ride   

oil on canvas   40x50cms   2018  SOLD 

Man and Machine                               

 oil on canvas 30x30cms   2016

Master of the Universe                    

oil on canvas 40x30cms 2013            SOLD


oil on canvas 30x60cms       2013

Epic II                                               

oil on canvas  61x122cms     2013


oil on canvas 50x50cms    2013

High Flyers                                   

oil on canvas 20x50cms    2014 SOLD

Unfamiliar Ground                        

oil on canvas 15x15cms    2015     SOLD

Pushing the Envelope                    

oil on canvas  20x50cms    2017


oil on canvas      15x20cms     2015 


oil on canvas 20x20cms    2013


oil on canvas 25x20cms       2013        SOLD

Relic II                                          

oil on canvas 20×20 cms   2014      SOLD

Relic III                                          

oil on canvas 15×15 cms   2014       SOLD

Relic IV                                       

oil on canvas    61x52cms   2014

Relic V                                            

oil on canvas  48x38cms        2015

Fragment I                                       

oil on canvas 30x25cms

Fragment II                                       

oil on canvas 15x20cms      2015 

Nice Work                                          

oil on canvas 20x25cms    2011

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